Our Philosophy

carolineoverlookingkatahdinWhat brings us to this? In short, we have a passion for the unique practice of ESL teaching and we want to share what we’ve learned as teachers and trainers with a new generation of teachers. Over the years, we have immersed ourselves in language learning and the unique practice of teaching English to non-native speakers and learners, and we’ve learned a lot-sometimes the hard way. We’ve both taught internationally, and locally, in employment and volunteer scenarios, and found that the training we received through traditional ESL certification programs was often lacking the concrete tools in teaching methodology, strategies for teaching mixed level learners, work in multiple environments and equipping the average person to feel confident and secure in their ability to teach grammar, listening, speaking and comprehension in effective ways.

Now we seek to do with MotherTongue TESOL to help others learn how to do so in clear, practical ways, along with the mentorship and support of teaching community. As sisters, we’ve greatly benefited from being able to share resources and information, and support each other through what’s been a personally transformative process for us both. With MotherTongue TESOL, we seek to provide that support network for future teachers, along with guidance from what we’ve learned from the many years we’ve practiced.

Our experience teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) has been many things to us over the years, too many words to describe: a career and a way to experience the world, a way to join a world party and  connect with other people who we would otherwise never would have met, a way to explore the evolution of our own language. It’s taught us to see the world differently, to pivot and refract our perspective and make it multidimensional, and embrace what it means to be a global citizen in this world.

About Us

Caroline Campbell is TESOL certified trainer. She taught at Oxford Seminars TEFL certificate program,  training teachers who desired to teach abroad and locally. Prior to that, she taught ESL with the Fulbright English Teaching Program in Quito, Ecuador, and has taught in other locations such as Honduras and Costa Rica. She is a licensed social worker who currently teaches full time at Eastern University, on the satellite campus of Esperanza college. From 2004-2014 she was employed at Congreso de Latinos Unidos in varying positions.

Jeanine Campbell is a certified TESOL instructor. Jeanine has a B.A in English Literature from Rutger-Camden University, and a CELTA certification from Cambridge English. She has worked as a private tutor for high school students and working professionals and, a university English instructor in Turkey, an academic tutor for Devry University, a kindergarten teacher in South Korea, a language instructor, private tutor and teaching assistant in the United States. Currently, she serves a volunteer teacher for community-based organizations in her hometown of Philadelphia.

Our Philosophy
Our philosophy is that an ESL certification should equip you with the skills, confidence, training and grounded teaching practice that will allow you to teach English to anyone, anywhere in the world. We seek to create a training course that will prepare teachers to teach in countries where English is the first language as well as where it is a second language. In our experience, introducing this hybrid focus empowers teachers to find their own direction and area of concentrations, and to have greater adaptability as they change and grow into teachers.

TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) and TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) are often interchanged with TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages). In the world of English as a Second Language, there is a distinct difference between the three terms. TESL is focused on teaching students whose first language is not English, while TEFL is geared towards teaching English in countries or programs where it not the first language.TESOL is a general name for the field of teaching, and encompassing and drawing from both TESL and TEFL teaching perspectives, language learning methodologies, and strategies.

As TESOL trained teachers and teacher trainers who have worked and volunteered both in the United States and abroad, we strive to incorporate both TESL and TEFL techniques, strategies and methodologies into our training. We believe that ESL teaching is holistic, and is centered around the development of not just language, but the student as a whole. Similarly, our teacher training certification course aims to the development of the whole teacher, which is why we put such an emphasis on teacher reflection, mentorship and live tutoring and teaching practice.

Since we pour an intensive amount of time and commitment into each participant, mentor in small groups, individually coach and evaluate teaching in practicum, and spend over 100 hours with each individual, we are uniquely situated to support each student in achieving their desired goal with their TESOL certificate. For many, their initial experiences in their teaching practicum lead to local opportunities or private tutoring. Our network of community organizations and language schools allow for easy connections. For others, it may be international teaching experiences- we have relationships with several reputable language schools that we would recommend, and also support and mentor through identification of international opportunities.

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