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Welcome to Mother Tongue!

Mother Tongue TESOL is a project aimed at offering teacher training and TESOL certification. We have a passion for the unique practice of ESL teaching and we want to share what we’ve learned as teachers and trainers with a new generation of teachers. Over the years, we have immersed ourselves in language learning and the unique practice of teaching English to non-native speakers, and now we want to help others learn how to do so in practical, clear ways. Our experience in teaching ESL (English as a Second Language) has been many things to us over the years: a career and a way to see the world, a way to explore our own language, but most importantly about what it means to be a global citizen in this world. Here are some frequently asked questions about our course; we encourage you to contact us if you would like more information.

Who is this certificate program for?

  • Our aim is to provide a comprehensive teacher training program for people who want to teach English as a second language, either in their home communities, or globally in a classroom, community or academic setting. Designed to be a beginning certificate program, a TESOL certificate is a prerequisite for teaching in many areas around the world. Our certificate program is designed for those seeking to find professional opportunities in TEFL or TESOL teaching, learn or build on existing skills for teaching or tutoring locally, or to enhance overall strategies in teaching and language development. Our training initiative is designed to provide the intensive instruction of an academic program in less time, coupled with the practical skills and experience from on the ground, real-life teaching scenarios that is missing from many online certification program.

Why get a certificate of TESOL with Mother Tongue?

  • As professional ESL teachers, we both felt somewhat unprepared to enter the classroom after our courses. We decided to design a course that we would have liked to train us for feeling truly prepared from Day 1 in the classroom.
  • Our course offers what no other course currently does- a combination of live classroom instruction, online modules, practicum experience, and continuing seminars and coaching along the way.
  • Our course is intentional in keeping costs low through staying local where our partnerships are, using word of mouth to share our course, and using a variety of different ways to prepare you from use of direct instruction, self-study, and real-life experiences.
  • Our course is offered at half the price all competing courses are while still meeting a gold standard of 100 hours, which few courses do.

What does the Mother Tongue TESOL Certification Course look like?

  • Mother Tongue TESOL Certification course is an intensive 100-hour teacher certification course.

The course is divided into two components:

Block I Intensive Full Day Classroom Sessions: The first part of the Mother Tongue TESOL teacher training program consists of 3 days of full-day sessions, beginning with a shorter Thursday evening overview and continuing until Sunday evening.

Scheduling for Intensive Experience Block I- 30 hours

  • 1/10- Day 1 Orientation and Overview 6-9 pm
  • 1/11 -9-6pm Full Day Session
  • 1/12-9-6 pm Full Day Session
  • 1/13-9-6 pm Full Day Session

Block II Practicum:

  • The second part is a 40-hour practicum, where student teachers are set up with a documented live tutoring or teaching with a volunteer or service organization of their choosing. From our years teaching ESL in volunteer or nonprofit settings in the Philadelphia area, we have formed grounded relationships with various organization and community groups that are focused providing free ESL instruction to the people they serve. We recognize that those organizations and groups have been part of our journey. We honor everything we’ve learned from our volunteer experiences, and seek to give our student teachers an opportunity where student teachers apply what they’ve learned in a supportive setting.

Continuing Seminar Sessions and Coaching:

  • The 40-hour practicum is experience is enhanced by subsequent evening sessions, scheduled biweekly by Zoom video conferencing while student teachers immerse themselves practicum experience, during which they bring their real-life problems, challenges, and ideas for reflection, sharing, and support. They are mentored through this experience and are connected with a coach (one of the trainers) for 2 individual one-on-one sessions to observe their progress and receive assistive feedback. We also provide continuing instruction during this time in order to give students the opportunity to develop their teaching practice through mentoring and targeted supplemental instruction.

Online Self Paced TESOL Modules

  • You will complete 15 hours of online modules that will give you a background in grammar, teaching techniques, resources, lesson planning, and group management to enhance what you have learned during the intensive course. This is self paced, and you will have access to a course list to complete alongside your practicum.

Scheduling of Block II Seminar and Practicum

  • Evening Continuing Seminar- (7 hours done in scheduled Zoom sessions with class)
  • Coaching Sessions – (6 hours)
  • Online Self Paced Modules (15 hours)
  • Practicum Experience (40 hours, 7  week) completion- 1 hour prep, 2 hours session, 1 hour reflection- journal, and resources). Completed over a 7 week period around your schedule
  • Final Meeting at end of 7 weeks (2 hours)

At the end of the program, student teachers will receive a certificate of TESOL certification from Mother Tongue, documenting 30 hours of live instruction, and 40 hours of practicum and 7 hours continuing seminar, 6 hours of coaching sessions, and 15 hours online self-paced tutorials. Overall, they are engaged in 100 hours. Trainers are both direct instructors, mentors, group leaders, and evaluators/continuing work coaches.

What is the cost of your course?

We strive to provide our course at twice as lower than other TESOL certificate programs and intentionally keep overhead low through choosing community locations, word of mouth as our marketing, and maintaining small class sizes through a cohort model and allowing you to order the book on your own to reduce costs. We pride ourselves on being a small, local, family startup that seeks to share what we love with others.

Course Cost: 595.00  /6% Sales Tax (35.94)= Total $630.94.

A deposit of $85.00 required to reserve a spot in the course. Total Balance due January 5th.

What course materials are needed?

  • You will be provided with a course binder with reading and resource materials, and invite to add throughout the course duration.
  • One book is used throughout the course, and that is sent to you when you receive your registration materials- it can be ordered through Amazon or any wholesale bookstore online; additional optional books will be recommended as you begin to build your TESOL library.

Please see our Course Registration page for more details on how to register.